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Share your story and capture your audience

As humans we are innately wired to connect with stories. Thousands of years ago we shared them through cave paintings and ancient symbols; today we consume them through books, movies, art and an array of multimedia platforms.

From a brand perspective, this new narrative landscape is more cluttered than ever before, which means crafting a compelling and unique brand narrative is now the key to ensuring your brand is heard. At Thirst Creative, our team of communication specialists work with you formulate a brand narrative that not only resonates with your audience but sets you apart from your competition.

Differentiate your brand and establish its position in the market

Increase brand engagement and build relationships with your audience

Create meaningful, memorable and unique brand experiences

Humanise your brand and be more relatable to your audience

“Don’t just exist, exist with purpose. Your brand narrative should translate the what, the how and the why of your business in a way that resonates with your audience.”

Michelle Alexander

Account Manager, Thirst Creative

Why is it important to have a brand narrative?

When it comes to your company and your brand, your narrative is everything. It is your purpose and reason for being. It is your vision for today, but also your vision for tomorrow. Your narrative is what connects your brand to those who also share your vision and who hold similar values. It shines through in everything you do, creating greater consistency for your brand and helping you attract your most ideal customers.

Establishing a compelling brand narrative is only possible when you know your purpose in the market. At Thirst Creative, we work with you to strip your brand back to its core value proposition and understand what it is that sets you apart from your competition. This process involves determining the what, the how and the why of your brand – what it is you do, how you do it and why you do it. It is the why factor that is the key to identifying your brands purpose and positioning in the market, and ultimately crafting a compelling brand narrative that reflects this.

Complete Skin Specialists

After engaging in one of our strategy workshops, Complete Skin Specialists recognised that to grow their cosmetic skin and laser business their approach needed to focus on establishing strategic, long-term marketing initiatives to help them communicate the true value of their services to the right audience.  After establishing their brand essence and refining their visual identity with the delivery of a new look and fresh colour palette, the overarching goal was to improve their digital presence with a unique and compelling brand narrative.

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